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Boost service, profit with self-service coin counters

Boost service, profit with self-service coin counters

The last thing any grocery store wants is to lose business to its competitors, something self-service coin counters can help prevent.

A recent report from consumer marketing firm Interactions stated that nearly half of shoppers who have a bad experience at a retailer won't say anything directly to the store. Instead, approximately a quarter of this number will simply shop at a competitor's store.

Among the issues that may drive customers to shop at the competition, store cleanliness, positive checkout experience, friendly and knowledgeable employees and chances to provide feedback were all highlighted.

Twenty-two percent of shoppers said they would shop somewhere else if dissatisfied with a store's hygiene. Meanwhile, disappointment with the checkout experience and store associates was enough to drive away 23 percent and 25 percent of consumers, respectively.

Making a difference with self-service coin counters
Obviously this data makes it clear that customer service is essential to shoppers. By providing a self-service coin redemption site, grocery stores can go the extra mile in providing consumers exemplary service.

Dennis Maxwell, director of advertising and branding for Reasor's grocers, told Cummins Allison that delivering this extra service can help separate one store from another.

"It's all about customer service," Maxwell said. "The primary reason our customers shop with us is our exemplary service and the quality of our fresh departments."

Self-service coin counters also mean employees can spend less time exchanging loose change for cash and focus on providing quality service to shoppers.

However, the benefits of self-service coin counters go beyond simple customer service. Every time a customer uses a grocery store's coin counter, they are standing inside a store with money ready to spend. Studies have shown that 36 percent of consumers who received cash from a coin machine spent it on general living experiences, including groceries.

In short, self-service coin counters can boost customer service and increase profitability at the same time.

September 11, 2014