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Baseball fans purchasing more snacks as game attendance grows

Baseball season is in full swing, and fans are heading to ballparks across the country to see their favorite teams. However, attendees aren't just enjoying the game with family and friends - they're also making plenty of purchases, making it necessary for vendors within stadiums to upgrade their cash counting machines.

Higher attendance could mean more food purchases
Consumers are more willing to spend as the economy improves, and may be attending more games as ticket prices drop. According to Fox Business, attendance at Major League Baseball games last year jumped 1.8 percent, while ticket prices experienced a 2 percent year-over-year decline. With more people buying tickets, there will also likely be more people frequenting the concession areas and purchasing snacks and drinks to enjoy during the game.

Baseball fans will consume a significant amount of beer, peanuts, pretzels and soft drinks this year, but they'll also be purchasing plenty of other snacks. Parks are making it a point to create new and unique snacks to lure in fans, and unusual ballpark food is all the rage these days. Despite the popularity of more innovative edibles, traditional hot dogs are still the ultimate fan favorite. According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, attendees will eat an estimated 20.4 million hot dogs during the 2013 baseball season. This translates into an significant number of sales for vendors, and vendors that cater to Dodgers, Red Sox, Rangers, Tigers and Yankees fans are expected to see the highest number of hot dog purchases.

Vendors need to handle increased number of purchases efficiently
Fans may be more apt to carry and rely on cash at games, as some vendors may not accept credit cards. Others may want to track their spending more carefully and feel they are better able to budget and manage their funds with paper currency. Because cash use is so prevalent among these fans, concession stands need to be prepared to handle an increase in purchases and have a cash counter that is able to efficiently and accurately handle a large number of transactions. Those that fail to accommodate attendee needs and handle purchases quickly may see a slump in sales or notice fans are leaving their line because of long waits.

June 11, 2013