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Banks boosting customer service options

It's essential for banks to have the most efficient processes in place to enhance their level of customer service and boost satisfaction. Strong practices can lead to higher ratings from clients, furthering a bank's reputation and luring in more potential business. 

According to a survey by TD Bank, 60 percent of consumers satisfied with the options their bank provides them have few or no financial worries. Those who claim they are happy with the financial services provider spend 7.3 hours per week thinking about their accounts, compared with 8.5 hours per week spent by those unhappy with their banking experiences. The survey data revealed consumers are looking for not only friendly service in their banks, but also good advice and a reliable financial partner. 

"It's important to establish a positive connection with a banking partner you trust because being happy with your bank can serve as a solid foundation to build a more confident and secure financial future," said Ryan Bailey, executive vice president, head of deposit products, TD Bank. "So if you're not in love with your current bank, see what's out there, and find a bank that offers you the service and convenience you deserve."

How are banks improving their service? 
Because a friendly environment and many banking options are important to today's consumers, financial institutions are implementing the latest technology in order to keep current customers satisfied and draw in new clients. 

Using the latest technology. More banks are choosing to provide their customers with remote deposit capture options, a useful service for both business clients and individual consumers. This allows users to deposit checks without heading to a branch - a major benefit for today's busy customers. 

Enhancing processes to improve client experiences. Banks are also stressing the importance of quick and efficient service. According to the Chicago Tribune, major banks are pushing for their employees to provide better service and make things easier on customers. While clearer communications can assist, freeing up employees to assist clients can also help. Adding self-service coin counters in the lobby can free up tellers to serve those in need in a more timely fashion. 

Employing self service techniques. Banks hoping to offer yet another benefit to users are turning to options like a self-service coin counter. CBS News reported the machines are popular with both banks and consumers, especially account holders who can count their change for free. 

April 4, 2013