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ATMs offer convenience to credit union members

ATMs offer convenience to credit union members

Innovative solutions to member dilemmas are one way that credit unions set themselves apart, and a great solution for people tired of waiting in long lines is to offer the convenience of an ATM. One reason that people enjoy credit unions both large and small is their community focus. By highlighting the needs of a certain town or city, credit unions can zero in on the pain points that customers experience.

Credit unions throughout the U.S. have found innovative ways to help out local businesses and members of the community. In Maine, a credit union has emerged that deals exclusively with small farms that raise animals for food. This credit union understands what the farmers need because the people behind it, Sam May and Scott Budde, understand the needs of local businesses, according to Bangor Daily News. They worked hard to establish their operation as a place where small local businesses could get the help they require to get off the ground selling livestock. It's a niche industry, but one this credit union knows how to use to its advantage. Additional amenities, such as ATMs, allow credit unions like this to further maximize the quality of service by providing a way to expedite certain personal financial transactions like cash withdrawals or check deposits.

Another company has found a way to take a local need and turn it into an advantage through charity. The LBS Financial Credit Union is fostering a strong tie to the community by encouraging its employees to donate to a local charity, according to the Long Beach Post. The LBS Financial Credit Union makes an annual gift to the community. This might not seem like much, but it helps to make the credit union more approachable to someone who may consider becoming a member. Another way to appeal to someone who wants to put his or her money into a credit union is to offer the convenience of an ATM, which ensures that people will always have a place to withdraw cash, day or night.

January 6, 2015