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ATMs help credit unions care for communities

ATMs help credit unions care for communities

One of the many reasons people choose to join a credit union is its innovative problem-solving and focus on customer service through machines such as ATMs. Credit unions that utilize ATMs are vastly successful in small communities because they focus on community needs and culture. By editing their programs to specifically cater to these towns and communities, a credit union can make profits and succeed while focusing on small-town charm. Thankfully, ATMs and credit unions are here to stay and help foster community.

Credit unions care about their communities

Credit unions around the country have found innovative ways to help their communities while maintaining profits and a loyal customer base. What other kinds of credit unions exist? Credit unions of many types exist, such as local farmer credit unions and even the White House credit union. Some credit unions cater to communities so niche that only members of a government agency may apply. Consider the NASA Federal Credit Union as an example. Originally developed in 1949, the credit union was meant only for astronauts and members of the NASA faculty. However, it's no longer a requirement at this credit union to be an astronaut. These niche credit unions, among others, cater to audiences with very specific needs. These credit unions also provide amazing amenities like tellers and ATMs. These ATMs, help credit unions leverage their audience by giving consumers access to certain financial transactions such as check deposits, withdrawals and cash deposits at any time of day or night.

Some credit unions also use their community-driven focus as an opportunity for charity. According to the Long Beach Post, LBS Financial Credit Union donated hundreds of toys to 556 children in need in the Long Beach, California area. These toys were donated during the LBSS Financial annual holiday breakfast. Community members at large will find credit unions and companies in general more trustworthy if they are to do community charity drives or participate in charitable events. One of the other ways credit unions can appeal to individuals who want to put their money into a credit union is to offer the convenience of an ATM. These machines ensure that people will have a place to deposit or withdraw cash, checks and more. Credit unions and ATMs are a thoughtful, useful and necessary addition to any community or town.

April 6, 2016