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ATM wraps: How to brand ATMs

ATM wraps: How to brand ATMs

Purchasing ATMs for financial institutions has many benefits. In banking and financial institutions, ATMs work well because of their convenience for both consumers and the bank. It also helps normal consumers engage with other services after ATM use. 

As a part of marketing, many financial institutions brand ATMs with wraps that match the company colors and logos. These branded ATM wraps can be visually appealing and create a unified brand message. However, how can a company design an ATM wrap? Are there specific measurements? Lastly, where can the wrap be printed and installed? Follow these three steps to create a visually engaging ATM wrap for any bank or financial institution:

Designing the wrap

The first step in creating an ATM wrap is designing the materials. First, you must develop an effective story. According to The Financial Brand, storytelling is a key component of effective design and and marketing. Make sure when designing the wrap that it clearly and accurately portrays the brand message. Do not clutter the image with unnecessary fonts, images or patterns. Make sure that all logos are clearly displayed front and center. Lastly, make sure that the image is not too brightly colored or attention-seeking, as it will be distracting instead of inviting.

Measuring the wrap

When designing an ATM wrap, measurements must be taken. Look at the ATM's manual for specific dimensions and convert these measurements to pixels. There are also wrap design companies specifically catered to creating branded ATM, car or fixture wraps. These services provide template options and competitive pricing, so check across many websites for the most cost-efficient options. Check that these ATM wrap companies do not sell ATMs themselves, as some companies will only sell brand wraps attached to a purchased system.

Printing and installation

The above-mentioned ATM wrap companies typically provide installation services. However, if these services come at an extra fee, it's possible to print wraps for ATMs personally and install it on the premise. As mentioned above, make sure that all details are accurate and use laminated sticker paper for the wrap. Measure each section with a graphic designer to make sure the wrap can be accurately placed. It is also possible to go through a national printing or advertising service to produce the wrap for you. Lastly, make sure the wrap fits the machine properly when placed. If the wrap looks misshapen, reformat the sizing.

March 24, 2016