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As citizens provide casino feedback, TITO ticket readers can play a role

Money and ticket counters help casinos preserve revenue.

Casinos have a lot to gain from money and ticket counters. They offer a fast and efficient way to hand out winnings to customers that score at gaming machines. More importantly, they provide a way to cut down on overhead. One of the most significant operating costs is labor. The cash desk is a critical area of staffing need, in part because anyone can score at any given time, and multiple winners can occur at all times, creating a rush. Reducing the amount of necessary employees in the cage can help cut down on overhead, which helps shore up revenue. This money can then go back into the hands of local citizens and tribe members, which justifies the presence of casinos in many communities.

With revenue-sharing becoming more important, money and ticket counters a major factor

Casinos are often a source of a controversy in many communities. In order to alleviate concerns about their place in a town or region, gaming operators often share the revenue with the municipality in which they reside, be it a village or county. The money can then go into the construction of schools, hospitals and local infrastructure, balancing out concerns about quality of living in the area. This becomes more important when multiple casinos open in a region.

Residents of Taunton, Massachusetts, examined the effect of casino revenue in a recent town hall hosted by Mayor Thomas Hoye Jr. They will host the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe's Project First Light casino resort. According to World Casino News, the tribe and town agreed in 2012 to guarantee a minimum $8 million of annual revenue once the $500 million project opens in 2017 in East Taunton. The tribe also agreed with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 2011 that if no other casino opens in the southeastern portion of the state, the Mashpee must pay up to 17 percent of its revenue to the government. To show they will hold up to their word, the tribe announced in September that it will spend $30 million in highway and road improvements and lend $15 million in bonds for the city's use, to be repaid with revenue-sharing fees.

With revenues an important aspect of casino operations, it's essential to cut down on costs so these businesses can make a profit. Money and ticket counters address this issue by targeting labor and making operations more efficient. The overhead reduction means revenue can go elsewhere.

December 17, 2015