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Arkansas casinos could be reality soon

If there's one type of business that needs efficient and effective cash-counting machines more than most, it's casinos. Such gaming institutions handle countless bills in a day, let alone a week or a month, and the potential for manual error - and lost revenue - is often too great to face without money and ticket counters. Operators in Arkansas may soon realize this after a ballot initiative on opening new casinos was recently floated, and almost made the state's November ticket.

3 counties identified as possible homes, but opposition exists

According to multiple news outlets in the state, the office of the Secretary of the State, Mark Martin, had previously announced that a ballot measure was approved for inclusion on the ticket of items that residents voted on in November. A group supporting the amendment to the ballot submitted over 100,000 signatures in favor of the change. This surpassed the some 85,000 names needed to be considered. The initiative would grant legal authorization for one casino each to the border counties of Boone, Miller and Washington.

However, the state's supreme court suspended the initiative's place on the ballot before voting began.

Standalone casinos are not currently allowed in Arkansas, but it does allow "games of skill" at horse and dog racing venues in the state, according to Arkansas Online. While supporters behind the amendment have hailed it as a jobs-creating measure, opponents, which include Gov. Asa Hutchinson, point to possible detractors that include out-of-state interests controlling the casinos, as well as a need to further build on Arkansas's natural landscape for means of increasing tourism.

Casino operators need to be prepared regardless

While Arkansas voters may have their say sooner or later, there has been a rising tide of enthusiasm for allowing more gambling across the country, and casino operators nationwide need to be fully equipped to handle large sums of money. Without money and ticket counters, this task is nearly impossible. 

December 9, 2016