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Amusement parks can get help from cash counters

Amusement parks can get help from cash counters

Amusement parks large and small can stand to benefit from cash counters. These machines are able to sort and handle a larger number of payments. With so many tourists coming in during the summer season, having a system that can quickly sort cash payments can help maintain an efficient operation overall. An effective collection process makes it easier for concessions and the front office to turn sales into a profit margin. Given that many tourists would prefer to pay for everything by cash, having a quick way to sort through earnings is important. Larger amusement parks will benefit greatly from these machines, since they are able to handle large amounts of cash in different denominations.

Large amusement parks win big with money counters

Amusement parks tend to do well when they make significant changes, such as renovations of old rides or adding new ones on site. Even at the start of the season, it's never too early to start thinking about the future of the park. However, it takes a certain amount of scale to expand operations with a completely new park. Those that have the capability of expansion often rely on third parties, especially sponsors, to bring in extra money and branding.

Such is the case with Universal Parks and Resorts. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the company has entered into an agreement with video game company Nintendo to create theme park attractions at its locations centered on the latter company's franchises. At the press time, no further details were given, though it is falling in line with the theme park conglomerate's aggressive expansion policy of opening an attraction annually at all the major parks it owns, including Orlando and Hollywood. Previously, Universal ran haunted houses based on horror video game franchises Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

With such aggressive expansion policies, especially those centered on video games, large amusement park chains such as Universal could benefit from using cash counters. The large number of customers and families likely to come in to visit attractions means more opportunities to sell food, drinks and gifts on site. Using money counters to calculate daily earnings will have a positive impact on any amusement park's bottom line.

June 15, 2015