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Amusement park owners save time with cash counter machines

Amusement park vendors often handle large amounts of cash on a daily basis. To manage backroom financial processes with greater efficiency, these businesses can benefit from investing in high-quality money counters.

Confidence among U.S. consumers has improved in recent years despite relatively slow economic growth in the wake of the Great Recession. According to data released by the U.S. Department of Commerce, American households increased their spending levels 0.2 percent in September. While these numbers represent slow growth compared to what was previously expected, a recent Gallup poll showed today's current spending levels are much higher than they were in 2011 during the worst of the resonating effects of the 2007 recession.

While The Associated Press reported consumer spending will likely take a hit as a result of the recent federal government shutdown, these kinds of obstacles are temporary, meaning there is a possibility consumer confidence may increase in the near future. As American shoppers feel more comfortable spending money, they often dedicate more of their budgets to entertainment. Such news may bode well for the amusement park industry, which has already charted significant growth in recent years.

According to data compiled by the market research firm IBIS World, owners of theme parks and similar businesses took a substantial hit during the Great Recession. However, the overall industry charted an average annual growth rate of 2.1 percent between 2008 and 2013. Total revenue has now reached $15 billion.

How can amusement parks benefit from investing in cash counter machines?
Visitors often spend entire days at theme parks, meaning the amount of cash received from ticket, food, beverage and merchandise purchases can become especially large. Many consumers may often prefer to forgo credit cards when spending long periods of time in heavily crowded areas.

The need to count money at the end of day is often a time-consuming process for amusement park vendors​. However, rather than manually sorting through daily income, these businesses can instead invest in cash counters to streamline the process and ultimately free up more time to spend on other important operational tasks. Additionally, employees can eliminate the risk of counting errors as a result of manual counting in backroom processes. By saving time completing these essential responsibilities, amusement park vendors can position themselves for continued revenue growth in the long run. 

November 25, 2013