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Access to coin machine makes bank tellers jobs easier

Many people take excess coins to the bank to be counted and deposited into their bank account. Bank tellers are used to counting change and bills when the time arises, however such a job is made much easier when the public has access to a self-service coin counter. Financial institutions can make processing change much easier and more efficient when they are able to streamline the process and the public is also able to save time and energy when they can have their coins counted and processed with self-service coin machines.

InvestorPlace recently reported that a man in China paid a fine in coins, leading the party who received the fine to take a large amount of change to the bank to be counted. A man and woman received the coins as part of a final payment that settled an assault dispute. The installment of approximately 10,000 yuan was made in 0.1 yuan coins. The woman took half of the coins to the bank where it took 18 bank employees one full work day to count by hand.

If the woman had access to a self-service coin machine, she would have been able to avoid bringing such a large amount of coins to the bank, and the lengthy counting situation could have been avoided.

August 27, 2013