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3 ways two-in-one cash and check scanners help cities and counties

With more municipalities struggling to balance their budgets, dual-purpose cash and check scanners look more and more like a step in the right direction to get ledgers into the black.

Cities all around the U.S. face dire financial situations as baby boomers prepare for retirement. An article from Governing Magazine indicated the combination of pension funds and post-employment benefits creates a tall order for municipalities already looking for ways to optimize their budgets. The magazine cited a report from J.P. Morgan showing these retirement contributions alone cost states a combined $1.5 trillion.

Now is as important a time as ever for city governments to find creative ways to limit waste and boost efficiency overall. Here is a closer look at how dual-purpose cash and check scanners can help.

Simplifies back-office work

Government employees perform a variety of necessary evils that are time-intensive but help entire communities continue functioning. Whether it's processing checks from property tax payments or collecting money from traffic violations, a machine that can automate these projects simplifies day-to-day back-office work. For example, employees no longer need to worry about human error when these machines can process up to 400 checks per minute on its own.

Saves money on hardware

The right technology also saves municipalities from having to continuously invest in hardware repairs or new equipment once it's out of date. Dual-purpose cash and check scanners are easy to use, meaning local bodies can focus less on training employees or paying for repairs to complex devices.

Creates more time to serve

The free time that comes with automating the cash- and check-scanning processes allows city officials to focus on more pressing problems. When employees put their minds together to serve their communities in the most effective way possible, they'll be more likely to manage periods of limited finances and eventually come out on top.

June 24, 2016