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3 casino management strategies that money and ticket counters facilitate

Casino managers who are reluctant to incorporate new technology into their day-to-day operations may want to consider just how seamlessly tools like money and ticket counters fit into the tasks their staff members already handle. In fact, incorporating automation optimizes many of the key business practices necessary for success in the complex and competitive gaming industry. Here's a closer look at three key examples:

1. Embracing change

Few details are too small to overlook at a casino. Switching things up every now and then, whether it's the location of slot machines or card tables, often creates a huge impact on both the employee and guest experience. Writing in Business 2 Community, online marketing expert and former casino manager Mike Wood said these cosmetic changes to the look and feel of the game room floor help to create the perception that the casino constantly invests in new slot machines and other amenities.

Similar concepts apply to more employee-facing adjustments as well. Throwing new technology into the mix, like money and ticket counters, not only directly benefits back-office staff by making their jobs easier, it communicates the idea that management is actively interested in equipping teams with the tools they need to get their jobs done as effectively as possible.

2. Staying on schedule

Wood also argued casinos have an especially strong responsibility to adhere to deadlines and move quickly. Anything that inhibits the business from gaining a steady stream of revenue can have a serious impact on the bottom line. Finding a way to save time on the kinds of tasks staff members perform each day is a guaranteed way to prevent missed opportunities and promote more business flexibility overall.

3. Measuring success

Casinos always need to back up their decisions with measurable data. Money and ticket counters create an opportunity for these businesses to directly address the kinds of metrics that prove an operation optimizes its time to full effect. For example, these automated machines helped one casino increase the speed of the currency-counting process by 40 percent. Ticket-imaging became 85 percent faster as well. It's hard to turn down those kinds of opportunities when the results are so clear and relevant to casinos' needs and desire.

July 11, 2016