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Eateries remaining true blue to cash use

Choices runneth over in the U. (04/18/2018)

Counterfeit incidents in Midwest highlight need for advanced cash counters

The issue of counterfeit knows no borders or boundaries, but it's not uncommon for a series… (04/13/2018)

More would-be homeowners paying in cash

Given the high price tag to buy a house - currently a median of over $240,000… (03/26/2018)

Damaged money can still hold a lot of power

There's no mistaking a new dollar bill: the crispness, the clean feel, the smooth surface. (03/15/2018)

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Don't fall prey to coin counterfeiting

Although they were the earliest form of legal tender, coins are not treated with the same… (04/18/2018)

Coin counting could rise with spring's arrival

With pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters found in both the likely and unlikeliest of places, there's… (04/05/2018)

Make a wish: Who counts all the coins we throw into fountains?

Most of us make a wish when we toss a coin into a fountain, but the… (03/15/2018)

US Mint to release new bullion coin

Following on the heels of its popular commemorative quarter series, the U. (12/08/2017)

Banks pull coin counting machine, leaving customers short-changed

Coins are still with us and, judging by the billions in circulation, that will be the… (10/31/2017)

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Check it out: The parts of a check and how it's processed

Statistics may show that check writing may not be as popular as it once was -… (02/21/2018)

Cash counters and check processing equipment could aid natural disaster charities

In recent weeks, the news has been dominated by ruinous reports of natural disasters making landfall… (01/17/2018)

Despite decline, check processing remains an important financial practice

It may seem like the only time checks make an appearance these days is during game… (01/10/2018)

Check processing equipment is vital as Americans continue to rely on checks

In an increasingly paper-free world, European consumers have moved away from paper checks as a payment… (01/03/2018)

Private schools can keep money organized with smart solutions

While many adults may look back on their carefree teenage years with fondness, a number of… (12/28/2017)

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Maryland casinos see record cash haul in March

For the first time in Maryland's history, the half-dozen casinos in Maryland earned a combined $150… (04/13/2018)

ATM industry poised for notable growth through 2024

If one was making a list of the most influential modern conveniences, there would naturally be… (03/26/2018)

Following a brutal winter, consider installing new ATMs

For the globe, it's been a rather mild winter all things considered. (03/08/2018)

Old banking, new technology: A look at the history of the ATM

Approximately 50 years ago, someone inserted an identifying card into a machine slot and, in return,… (01/17/2018)

ATM skimming attempts continue to target consumers

While thieves' act of installing skimming devices on automated teller machines (ATMs) is nothing new, the… (01/10/2018)

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