Trade in and save

Right now you can save hundreds of dollars by trading in any currency counter or check scanner and trade up to a brand new JetScan iFX. Built using the latest technology, the JetScan iFX scanners are the fastest, most accurate, and most dependable currency and check processors in the industry. This means you get the job done faster and easier than ever, so you can get back to managing more important tasks.

Model Purchased Trade-in Savings
All JetScan iFX i100 models Up to $400
All JetScan iFX i200 models Up to $200
Limited time offer: This promotion is valid until August 31, 2020, and cannot be used with any other discount and cannot be applied to prior purchases. Not redeemable for cash. Valid in USA only. Void where prohibited.

Speed, accuracy, and productivity

The JetScan iFX family features speed and accuracy unmatched by any other line.

  • The fastest cash counter
  • The fastest check scanner/imager
  • The fastest ticket reader/imager

And it's all done on one single device. No other machine can do that.

Keep your business going

Why wait until your equipment fails? You have other things to worry about with downtime. These savings make it the perfect time to upgrade your processes and make your business even more efficient. So if your machine is more than 7 years old, it's the perfect time to refresh your equipment to avoid downtime.

The leader in counterfeit detection

With $73 million in counterfeit money taken out of circulation in 2017 alone, counterfeiting is a real problem. If you want top-of-industry counterfeit detection, look no further. With magnetic, fluorescent, ultraviolet, infrared, and proprietary detection techniques, you'll be sure to stop fake bills coming in or being recirculated.

Contact us today to take advantage of these savings by trading in ANY brand or model of currency counters, check scanners or ticket readers. Hurry, the promotion only lasts a limited time!

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“The JetScan iFX is more accurate and it frees me up to do other tasks.”

Lesley Smith, Branch Manager

“When we went to the JetScan iFX, it was just night and day. We could very easily process all of our checks all day long.”

Don Schneider, Chief Deputy Treasurer

“I can't believe how much time and money we've already saved thanks to our new Cummins Allison check processor. It's hard to imagine doing business without it now.”

Alan Shell, Cash Manager

“We've reduced the vault drop count times and the number of employees by 50% each, saving time and money for the casino.”

Ruth Ritchie, Director Cage and Vault


Cut costs with a single device

Using a single device to process all your media saves money on equipment, maintenance and training expenses.

Increase productivity

JetScan iFX devices are the fastest, most accurate devices on the market. Process faster with fewer stops and fewer errors.

A partner you trust

Cummins Allison is the leading provider of ticket and currency processing solutions, and we’re no stranger to checks. We work closely with our customers to solve their integration needs and deliver a reliable solution that improves performance.


Cummins Allison sets the standard for accuracy and dependability.

Since 1887, Cummins Allison has been a global leader in developing solutions that quickly and efficiently count, sort and authenticate currency, checks and coin. Our world-class sales and service network includes hundreds of representatives in local offices around the world.