Cut your tax office costs like Whitfield County’s tax commissioner does

Danny W. Sane, Whitfield County Tax Commisioner JetScan iFX

Tax Commissioner Danny Sane reduces operational costs in his tax office using innovation and technology

Whitfield County keeping tax office costs in check

Whitfield County Georgia's tax commissioner, Danny Sane, has been able to reduce operational costs to a point lower than when he started two decades ago, all while maintaining the same headcount. Commissioner Sane credits technology and innovation with helping him accomplish this noteworthy feat.

Reducing costs of operations

Like many governmental departments, Danny Sane and other tax commissioners and collectors have the daunting task of collecting thousands or millions of payments for property, titles, tags, and other taxes. They’re responsibilities continue to grow, but demands for government to streamline and cut costs also continue.

The right solution improves the service you provide

To cut costs, you need to do more with less, and you need processes that support that. Consider the JetScan iFX® check and currency scanner. JetScan iFX scannners let you:

  • Reduce the hours

    Reduce the hours needed to prepare deposits by scanning checks more than twice as fast (400+ checks per minute) than any other check scanner, allowing your staff to move on to other tasks.

  • Decrease equipment maintenance costs

    Decrease equipment maintenance costs and simplifying training by counting currency faster than any other machine on the same device that you scan checks.

  • Streamline operations

    Streamline operations, demonstrating your desire to continue serving the public better by accomplishing more without increasing head count. Use remote deposit capture (RDC) to easily deposit checks and get credit faster.

Take a look to see how Danny Sane of Whitfield County Georgia and Don Schneider of Lake County Illinois improved operations. You’ll see why more and more tax offices are using a JetScan iFX solution.

Contact us today to learn how to join the growing number of tax offices that have enjoyed significant time savings and cost reductions.

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