Counting money should be easy

You have a ton of things to worry about in your stores, so processing money in the cash office should not be an added stress. You might figure processing tills and preparing deposits is done often enough to where it's as streamlined as it can be. But when you really think about it, often times cash offices fall victim to old habits of inefficiency and error-prone techniques.

Process checks and cash on one device and improve deposit preparation

Say good-bye to slow check scanners, money counters, adding machines and reporting software. Introducing a faster, more accurate way to process an entire deposit in three simple steps using the JetScan iFX® check and currency scanner. With the JetScan iFX you can:

JetScan iFX i100
  • Use one device to quickly and accurately process all deposit items in minutes
  • Combine tally and audit activities, eliminating manual processes
  • Electronically deposit checks directly to your financial institution

Complete retail solutions

Retailers benefit from the ability to quickly and economically prepare and process deposits electronically. When you make your cash office efficient and accurate, you can use that time to do other tasks. Plus, when you image checks and deposit them electronically, you get credit sooner and improve cash flow. A retail solution including the JetScan iFX scanner lets you:

  • Cut deposit processing time and fees and increase accuracy
  • Reduce overtime costs associated with end-of-day balancing and deposit preparation
  • Extend deadlines for daily deposits
  • Improve employee morale using simple, reliable, proven technology

The JetScan iFX check and currency scanner integrated with other Cummins Allison products for a complete till-processing solution

JetScan 2

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The award-winning JetScan iFX

scanner is used by thousands of organizations worldwide and recognized as one of the most innovative products of its type. Cummins Allison, a global leader in the design and development of currency and check processing solutions, has been a U.S. business since 1887. Talk to us to learn why so many trusted institutions trust Cummins Allison to solve their check and currency handling needs.