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Save time — count cash faster

Shrinking margins and reduced staff put pressure on
all employees, so you need to find the most effective
ways to manage your time. With the JetScan iFX®, the
latest cash counter from Cummins Allison, you’ll be
able to count and process money faster than ever.

  • Balance drawers faster—the first time
  • Process deposits quickly so you get to the bank on time
  • Keep employees happy with fewer jams and no-calls
  • Highly reliable so you can count on their performance

Cummins Allison specializes in cash-counting equipment and our machines are the fastest, most accurate and reliable equipment available. Banks and retailers across the country use our products to count their cash every day so you know you can count on our commercial-grade quality.

Concerned about counterfeits? No problem. The JetScan iFX has highly reliable counterfeit detection so you don’t need to worry about fake bills. Download our free kit of case studies and a video and see why businesses use Cummins Allison money counters

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Rio Bank chose the JetScan iFX based on their needs for speed, accuracy and local support. Home State Bank found that it improved their customer service. If you are facing a similar challenge – or looking for a money counter like your bank uses – this free kit will arm you with information to help you reduce time and errors, especially at closing time

If you’d like a special preview of what these banks have to say, watch the video then sign up to receive the full kit. You’ll be glad you did.

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“Our transactions take less time and it frees me up to do other tasks.”

Lesley Smith, Branch Manager

“With Cummins Allison machines, you have 25-30% more free time to do other things.”

Joel Serna, Teller Manager


Cut costs with a single device

Using a single device to process all your media saves money on equipment, maintenance and training expenses.

Increase productivity

JetScan iFX devices are the fastest, most accurate devices on the market. Process faster with fewer stops and fewer errors.

A partner you trust

Cummins Allison is the leading provider of ticket and currency processing solutions, and we’re no stranger to checks. We work closely with our customers to solve their integration needs and deliver a reliable solution that improves performance.

Generations of Vision & Excellence

Cummins Allison sets the standard for accuracy and dependability.

For 125 years, Cummins Allison has been a global leader in developing solutions that quickly and efficiently count, sort and authenticate currency, checks and coin. Our world-class sales and service network includes hundreds of local representatives in more than 50 offices in North America, 4 wholly-owned subsidiaries in Europe and is represented in more than 70 countries around the world.