Cummins Allison - Take advantage of our limited time promotion!

Take advantage of our limited time promotion!

The demand to reduce

Many local governments have the daunting task of collecting thousands or millions of payments for taxes, permits, fines, licenses and bills. Your responsibilities continue to grow, but demands for government to streamline and cut costs also continue.

The right solution makes your budget go further

JetScan iFX check and currency scanner. Two machines in one.

To cut costs, you need to do more with less, and you need automated processes that support that. Consider the JetScan iFX® check and currency scanner. The JetScan iFX lets you:

Reduce the hours

Reduce the hours needed to prepare deposits by scanning checks 200% faster (400 checks per minute) than any other check scanner, allowing your staff to concentrate on other tasks.

Decrease equipment costs

Decrease equipment costs and simplifying training by counting currency faster than any other machine on the same device as you scan checks.

Automate operations

Automate operations, demonstrating your desire to continue serving the public better by accomplishing more without increasing head count.

Take a look at how Whitfield County Tax Commissioner Danny Sane improved operations with the JetScan iFX. It’s another way he’s been able to avoid adding head count and costs for over 20 years. You’ll see why hundreds of government agencies use JetScan iFX scanners.

Now is the perfect time to implement the JetScan iFX solution. With our current promotion, any tax, fee, or payment-collecting office can instantly save hundreds on a check processing solution.

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The award-winning JetScan iFX

The award-winning JetScan iFX

Is used by thousands of organizations worldwide and recognized as one of the most innovative products of its type. Cummins Allison, a global leader in the design and development of currency and check processing solutions, has been a U.S. business since 1887. Talk to us to learn why so many trusted institutions trust Cummins Allison to solve their currency handling needs.