Whether you’re a chain of superstores or a small independent operation, you compete in one of the toughest, most competitive industries. You are continuously being squeezed for operational efficiencies while at the same time, seeking innovative approaches to improve profitability and the customer experience.

From front-of-store revenue generators like, self-service coin redemption services, to cash-office money processing, Cummins Allison can help you with solutions that automate counting, eliminate errors, streamline processes and boost profits.

Increase profit with better coin redemption solutions

Shoppers want a better experience; you want to make more profit. A better coin counting solution does both. That’s because not all coin machines are created equal. We offer a very compelling coin-redemption alternative one where grocers can earn up to 7% more revenue compared to the competition.

Solutions that get you out of the cash office

Process your cash room faster. Our automated cash drawer processing solutions let you count down and balance cash drawers, rebuild float amounts and set up tills in less than two minutes. Reduce errors and keep your managers on the floor. You can even eliminate rolled coin costs by recycling change from your self-service coin machines.

Schedule your optimization assessment

Let us help you determine the best self-service and/or cash office processing solution for your stores. We’ll look at your complete operation—total number of stores, coin volumes, time spent counting in the cash office—and provide you with an analysis that projects your profit and/or efficiency potential.

Recommended resources

Here are a handful of helpful resources to help you conquer the challenges you face from the front of your store to the cash office.

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Eliminate the expense of purchased coin and realize greater efficiency and accuracy when counting down cash drawers.

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