Coin counter program options

Financial institutions (FI) are trusted sources for counting coins, and the average saver makes several additional trips to their FI just to cash in their coins. Yet, not all FIs can or want to purchase coin counting machines. With Cummins Allison, there are more options to choose from so you can easily add this valued service to your branch.

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All of these options are also available with our turnkey Coin Management Program. We’ll pick up your coins, monitor the machine and handle all the administration, providing you with a detailed report of all the transactions. It’s truly hassle-free and also removes risks associated with employee-handled coin. You can also offer direct deposit so consumers can deposit coin totals directly into their savings account.

Whatever option you choose, your customers or members will enjoy the benefits of self-service coin counting, right in your lobby.

Let one of our sales professionals give you a complimentary quote or simply provide more information on our programs.