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Just because you're a church doesn't mean that your business office shouldn't run efficiently and with professionalism. For many, processing the money becomes a stressful, burdensome task that often bogs down people’s time that could be used elsewhere. It's time to streamline your church business office with the right tools for counting money faster and reducing discrepancies with the bank.

Counting money the hard way creates unnecessary work

It’s true for churches just as it is for any organization that brings in a lot of cash and checks: processing large amounts of money creates a ton of work. Without the right equipment you need to:

  • hand-separate all the cash denominations to piece-count the bills.
  • record and add up the checks one at a time with a calculator.
  • identify and reconcile errors caused by hand-processing.

If your church still counts like this, you may want to reconsider your practices.

Count faster, use time for other things, and cut the stress

Many churches feel that how they count money now works for them. But they may not think about how much more efficient they could be if they could count and deposit those collections in a fraction of the time. If you could use a single machine that was the fastest currency counter and fastest check scanner in the industry, you’d prepare deposits faster than ever and have volunteers contribute in other ways. Tom Holzheimer of St. Charles Church realized this, and now he uses the JetScan iFX® currency and check scanner. Read the case study to see how he did it.

The JetScan iFX scanner lets churches:

  • Reduce the hours

    Reduce the hours needed to prepare deposits. It counts cash 33% faster than the next fastest machine, and you don’t even have to separate out the denominations. Just drop the whole stack in the machine, and it reads the values of the bills. It also has 200% faster check scanning, and you can send the check deposit to your bank right from your work station.

  • Decrease equipment maintenance costs

    Decrease equipment maintenance costs and simplifying training by counting cash and checks on the same machine.

  • Streamline operations

    Streamline tasks, allowing you to use your and other people’s time elsewhere to contribute to your church in better ways.

Get a quote on the right solution for your church. Learn what St. Charles Church and thousands of other customers already know, and streamline your business office.

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