Make your coin redemption service a bigger profit center

As grocery stores look for ways to set themselves apart from their competition and improve the customer experience, self-service coin counters allow them to offer a new, value-added service to their customers while helping drive store traffic and increasing store loyalty.

Choose a more profitable coin redemption program

When compared to the competition, Cummins Allison offers alternative business models that can raise your profit significantly, from approximately 3% to 7%, depending on your investment level.

Whether you are considering one self-service counter or multiple, pick the combination of program options that meets your business needs, risk level and revenue objectives. Your ROI Analysis will show you the coin options so you can decide what program best meet your needs.

Let us demonstrate your profit potential from each of our coin redemption programs. Simply provide a few details about your operation and we’ll produce your customized ROI analysis. Get your no-cost ROI analysis started now.