Cannabis dispensaries use easy-to-use commercial money counters to process cash and free up managers' time

A growing, cash-heavy industry

The legal cannabis market is projected to grow to almost $150 billion by 2025. In this cash-heavy industry, counting that much cash by hand is out of the question, so you need smart ways to process cash that are easy-to-use and affordable but productive enough to keep up with your dispensary.

Proven money-counting solutions

Significantly reduce money-processing time and give hours back to managers and owners with JetScan iFX® series money counters. They’re the fastest, most productive currency counters available, making them a perfect fit for your busy dispensary. And they’re the same counters used by banks all over the country, giving you the confidence to get the job done, day in and day out.

Essence Cannabis Dispensary is doing it right

Essence Cannabis Dispensary of Las Vegas implemented JetScan iFX currency counters at all their locations and cut the time to process cash by 88%. Read their story and see how you can get these benefits, too.

Let a Cummins Allison representative listen to your story and provide you with a free demo of a JetScan iFX currency counter that fits your business

See the video of how the JetScan iFX currency counter works. [3:38] (Watch the video)