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Quality products require quality service

Cummins Allison products are designed to provide maximum productivity with minimal care requirements. However, all machines need regular upkeep and maintenance. Parts that move need periodic cleaning, lubrication and adjustment for optimal performance and long life. The Cummins Allison Preventative Maintenance Inspection Agreement (PMIA) reduces operating costs by extending the productive life and increasing the reliability of these products.

How PMIA works

Your covered equipment is inspected and serviced on your premises on a scheduled basis. This includes partial disassembly; vacuuming, wiping and cleaning; plus lubrication and adjustments to factory specifications. Parts are replaced when needed to prevent possible breakdowns. Your machines are thoroughly tested to assure optimum working order.

PMIA benefits

  • Scheduled inspections find and fix little problems before they become big, unscheduled problems.
  • Your equipment always operates at peak efficiency.
  • The useful service life of your machines is extended for better return on investment.
  • Maintenance costs are easy to budget. The PMIA cost can be scheduled into your operating budget with no big surprise expenses.
  • Emergency service for problems that may occur between scheduled maintenance visits is free (during normal business hours).

What's included

PMIAs include all parts, labor, emergency service, preventative maintenance inspections, upgrades to existing software and all upgrades for new or redesigned currencies released by the US government during the term of the maintenance agreement.

Don't already have a PMIA, but now you'd like to get one? Contact your local Cummins Allison representative today.