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JetScan One-Pocket

Currency Counter and Scanner

JetScan one-pocket cash counter

Features & Benefits




JetScan Currency Processing

JetScan cash counting and scanning machines offer you greater productivity because they automate many cash counting tasks that are time consuming to do by hand.


JetScan currency processing machines are high-functioning cash counters that sort mixed money, face and orient bills and catch counterfeits. While counting one denomination, JetScan will stop when any other bill is processed. A $20 is never counted as a $1, which eliminates errors, speeds processing and frees operators to focus on other activities.


The JetScan one pocket cash sorter quickly and accurately identifies the denomination of each and every bill – at speeds up to 1,500 mixed bills per minute.


Built with a wide range of counterfeit detection capabilities, JetScan currency scanners catch more counterfeits and can be purchased with the industry’s most advanced counterfeit detection sensor.


Contact us today for prices on this product as well as pricing for other products and solutions that fit your needs.



JetScan Currency Counter and Scanner

Counterfeit Bill Detection -- The JetScan commercial currency scanning and counting machine offers an exclusive combination of sensing systems that detect a wide variety of counterfeit bills:

  • Scan Sensors

  • Magnetic

  • Enhanced UV

  • Fluorescence

  • Infrared

  • Proprietary detection tequniques

Models include: 4068 (no counterfeit detection), 4062 (magnetic ink detection), 4065 (magnetic, ultraviolet and fluorecsence), 4069 (advanced magnetic, enhanced ultraviolet and fluorescence, infrared and proprietary detection tequniques).


Optional thermal and impact printers are available for printing reports.

Speed & Accuracy
Speed 3 selectable speeds -- from 600 to up to 1,500 bills per minute
Accuracy 99.99+%
Hopper Capacity
Top Hopper Capacity 300 circulated bills

500 new bills
Pocket Capacity 150 circulated bills
Physical Specs
Size 9.5" H x 11.75" W x 12" D
Weight 15 lbs
Size Height: 2.41" to 3.75" Length: 4.5" to 8.75"
Power Specs
Voltage Voltage operating ranges are either 105-130v or 198-253v. Frequency is 60/50Hz
Power consumption 0.6 Amps (120v); 0.3 Amps (220v)

Outstanding customer support and local service


Cummins Allison is committed to keeping your equipment up and running so your organization performs at its best.


That’s just one reason why our technicians are noted for their expertise, quick response and friendly customer service. Rigorous training is regularly conducted to ensure that our technicians are able to keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency.


Service support includes:

  • Over 400 highly-trained local service technicians

  • 50+ Cummins Allison-owned branch offices with local parts inventories

  • National Field Service provides advanced technical support for our branch operations

  • Worldwide Service Organization provides advanced technical support for our subsidiaries and distributors around the world

Quality products require quality service


Cummins Allison products are designed to provide maximum productivity with minimal care requirements.


However, all machines need regular upkeep and maintenance. The Cummins Allison Preventative Maintenance Inspection Agreement (PMIA) reduces operating costs by extending the productive life and increasing the reliability of these products.

How PMIA works


Your covered equipment is inspected and serviced on your premises on a scheduled basis. This includes partial disassembly; vacuuming, wiping and cleaning; plus lubrication and adjustments to factory specifications. Parts are replaced when needed to prevent possible breakdowns. Your machines are thoroughly tested to assure optimum working order.


PMIA benefits

  • Scheduled inspections find and fix little problems before they become big, unscheduled problems.

  • Your equipment always operates at peak efficiency.

  • The useful service life of your machines is extended for better return on investment.

  • Maintenance costs are easy to budget. The PMIA cost can be scheduled into your operating budget -- with no big surprise expenses.

  • Emergency service for problems that may occur between scheduled maintenance visits is free (during normal business hours).

What's included


PMIAs include all parts, labor, emergency service, preventative maintenance inspections, upgrades to existing software and all upgrades for new or redesigned currencies released by the US government during the term of the maintenance agreement.

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