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Coin Programs

Own, lease, rent, placement

coin counting machines

Features & Benefits




Increase traffic, customer satisfaction and ROI

Self-service coin counters in financial institutions and grocery stores have become so popular that many patrons expect to find one in your branch or store – and are disappointed if they do not. Cummins Allison offers a variety of options, making it easier than ever before to add these business-builders to your facility.


Better equipment, more choices


We analyze your operation and show you the best options for adding new coin counters or replacing your existing machines. When you decide what's best for your business, we work with you to get it done quickly and easily.

  • Four procurement options – allow you to buy, lease, rent, or let us place a machine in your business free of charge.
  • Three coin processing options – including our exclusive, no-hassle Coin Management Program that saves precious time and resources. Or, you can save on fees by recycling coin yourself. You can also choose to outsource coin management locally.

  • Multiple machine models – and two collection styles. Money Machine coin counters have a minimal footprint, smart appearance and the most reliable performance in the industry.

  • Four machine graphic packages – offer colorful, ready-made graphics; elegant stainless steel panels; design-your-own graphics; and our attractive standard housing.

Coin circulation is rising


Circulating coin production has increased by 163% since 2009. In January, 2013, U.S. coin production soared to over $1.2 billion coins, a level not seen since the Great Depression. With over 80% of U.S. households saving coins, isn't it time you cashed in on this trend? In January, 2013, U.S. coin production soared to over $1.2 billion coins, a level not seen since the Great Depression. With over 80% of U.S. households saving coins, isn't it time you cashed in on this trend?


Contact us today to obtain an analysis and receive a customized report detailing all of the options. You decide which coin program and machine works best for you – it's easier and more affordable than you think!


We make it easy to add or replace coin machines

Now, more than ever, you need options for allocating your resources, and that includes how you add coin counters. Cummins Allison offers multiple ways to capitalized on the coin redemption trend, giving you the flexibility to decide which solution is right for you.

  • Own – Coin counters can generate incremental revenue and drive additional traffic to your business. With machine ownership, you are in complete control of how you offer coin counting services to your customers. You determine the branding, set user fees if desired, and keep all of the profit.

  • Lease – Keep your lines of credit strong and retain capital while offering coin machines that generate traffic, increasing customer satisfaction and profitability.

  • Rent – Add machines for a fixed montly payment that's guaranteed not to increase during the term of the agreement. You determine the branding and any user fees, keeping all the profit.

  • Placement – No investment is required. We'll install the coin machines and manage them for you, including coin pickup and processing. You'll receive free technical support and monthly reports detailing your commission revenue. Requires a 9.8% user fee.

Exclusive Coin Management Program


Many businesses worry about how to manage the coins once they've adding coin-counting machines. Our exclusive Coin Management Program (CMP) takes the worry out of coin handling and let's you focus on your business. With our CMP we'll pickup and process your coins, monitor the machines and handle all the administration, providing you with a detailed report of all transactions. It's easy and worry-free.


If you prefer to recycle coins within your business to save on fees, we can help you with that also. Our affordable coin sorters can be added to your back office, so you can reuse the same coins you take in.


Contact us for a free assessment of your situation and see how easy it is to add self-service coin-counting machines to your business.

Money Machine product specifications

Coin Sorting, Accuracy & Denomination
Coin Sorting Speed Up to 4,100 coins per minute
Coins Sorted Penny, nickel, dime, quarter, 50 cent piece, 1 dollar coin
Coin Sorted Accuracy 99.995%
Processing Capacity
Input Tray Gravity tray with magnets to capture non-coin items
Capacity Bin model - 70,000 mixed coins
Bag model - 60,000 total coins
Physical Specs
Size 56" H x 27" W x 29" D
Weight Bin model 275 lb.
Bag model 615 lb.
Power Specs
Voltage Voltage operating range 105-130VAC.
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 9.0 Amps (120v)
4.5 Amps (220v)

Outstanding local service and support

Cummins Allison is committed to keeping your equipment up and running so your organization performs at its best.


That’s just one reason why our technicians are noted for their expertise, quick response and friendly customer service. Rigorous training is regularly conducted to ensure that our technicians are able to keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency.


Service support includes:

  • Over 400 highly-trained local service technicians

  • 50+ Cummins Allison-owned branch offices with local parts inventories

  • National Field Service provides advanced technical support for our branch operations

  • Worldwide Service Organization provides advanced technical support for our subsidiaries and distributors around the world

Quality products require quality service


Cummins Allison products are designed to provide maximum productivity with minimal care requirements.


However, all machines need regular upkeep and maintenance. The Cummins Allison Preventative Maintenance Inspection Agreement (PMIA) reduces operating costs by extending the productive life and increasing the reliability of these products.

How PMIA works


Your covered equipment is inspected and serviced on your premises on a scheduled basis. This includes partial disassembly; vacuuming, wiping and cleaning; plus lubrication and adjustments to factory specifications. Parts are replaced when needed to prevent possible breakdowns. Your machines are thoroughly tested to assure optimum working order.


PMIA benefits

  • Scheduled inspections find and fix little problems before they become big, unscheduled problems.

  • Your equipment always operates at peak efficiency.

  • The useful service life of your machines is extended for better return on investment.

  • Maintenance costs are easy to budget. The PMIA cost can be scheduled into your operating budget -- with no big surprise expenses.

  • Emergency service for problems that may occur between scheduled maintenance visits is free (during normal business hours).

What's included


PMIAs include all parts, labor, emergency service, preventative maintenance inspections, upgrades to existing software and all upgrades for new or redesigned currencies released by the US government during the term of the maintenance agreement.


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