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Cash is still king, which means money counters still a must

There's no denying the impact of electronic payments. (08/22/2017)

Law enforcement benefits from cash counters after large cash seizures

Police departments all over the country know the importance of using cash counters to help manage… (08/11/2017)

Money counters help law enforcement handle uptick in counterfeit bills being used online

Money counters are coming in handy for law enforcement official around the country as they seek… (07/21/2017)

Small business can benefit from being cash-only and using money counters

There's a reason money counters are so popular among small-business owners. (07/06/2017)

Before cash counters, counterfeit currency created big problems

While today's law enforcement officials currently have cash counters and other tools to help them identify… (06/26/2017)

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Self-service coin counters can help credit unions build and maintain member satisfaction

Self-service coin counters help credit unions better serve members by allowing them to efficiently manage their spare… (07/06/2017)

Self-service coin counters add to independent grocery shopping experience

Recent advances to supermarket technology, like the widespread use of self-service coin counters, have completely altered… (05/12/2017)

Consumers appreciate coin counting machines in supermarkets

Americans spend a lot of the time at the grocery store, and the ability to access… (05/04/2017)

Coin counting machines, tasting events and other ways to give your grocery store a competitive edge

Grocery stores have long been epicenters of commerce, and coin counting machines can help these locales… (04/17/2017)

Features supermarkets need in self-service coin counters

Not all self-service coin counters are created equal, which is why supermarkets should do plenty of… (03/08/2017)

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Dual-purpose cash and checks scanners are ideal for retailers

For the many small businesses that continue to make transactions with paper checks, a dual-purpose cash… (06/02/2017)

Business-facing companies benefit from dual-purpose cash and check scanners

Companies that work directly with small businesses would benefit from having a dual-purpose cash and check… (05/26/2017)

Dual-purpose cash and check scanners among technology helping local governments thrive

Technology, like dual-purpose cash and check scanners, has improved operations in municipalities across the country. (05/19/2017)

What to do if your dual-purpose cash and check scanner detects counterfeit bills

Your small business depends on every transaction - no matter the value - to stay afloat,… (05/12/2017)

Avoid fraudulent transactions and invest in dual-purpose cash and check scanners

Dual-purpose cash and check scanners are critical to the success of any retail store. (04/18/2017)

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Seeking professional money counters: 3 qualities to look for when hiring casino workers

Casinos provide a range of employment opportunities, from running money and ticket counters to dealing cards… (08/11/2017)

Not just an ATM provider: How credit unions build relationships with members

Credit unions provide members with a range of benefits that go beyond just ATMs and fewer… (08/11/2017)

Consumers are using ATMs to save money

ATMs are becoming a useful tool in the fight against excess spending. (07/21/2017)

Money and ticket counters can help casinos stay competitive

New casinos experiencing high numbers of visitors can improve efficiency with a money and ticket counter. (06/26/2017)

Banks that haven't moved to EMV-compliant ATMs need to do so

Banks that have yet to upgrade their ATMs to be EMV-compatible need to take action soon. (06/09/2017)

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