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Cash counters help schools accurately track lunch money

Cash counters benefit schools focused on improving their breakfast and lunch programs.… (11/30/2016)

Money counters help police keep the criminal justice system efficient

The criminal justice system relies on accuracy and efficiency, and money counters… (11/15/2016)

Cash still rules in-person transactions

While the world has undoubtedly become more digitized, and a good bit… (11/01/2016)

Cash counters help retailers combat counterfeit currency

Cash counters are a valuable tool for businesses that want to protect… (10/14/2016)

Stay ahead of technological change with future-ready money counters

It may seem difficult to stay up to date these days when… (09/29/2016)


Coin counting machines one reason bank branches are still needed

Though 71 percent of consumers use online banking and… (11/17/2016)

Self-service coin counters help credit unions attract millennials

Customer preferences have changed rapidly in the financial services… (11/01/2016)

Self-service coin counters help grocery stores remain competitive

As more companies diversify into the grocery business, existing… (10/24/2016)

Coin counting machines help credit unions educate young consumers

Many consumers place credit unions in a very narrow… (10/07/2016)

Coin counters add the appeal of convenience to banks

Self-service coin counters add a dimension of… (09/23/2016)


Why dual-purpose cash and check scanners are a good investment for small businesses

With plastic supposedly dominating the financial landscape, many small-business owners don't realize… (11/30/2016)

Dual-purpose cash and check scanners defend banks against fraud

Banks with dual-purpose cash and check scanners are better equipped to protect themselves… (11/10/2016)

Dual-purpose cash and check scanners help businesses prepare for growing consumer confidence

Just as business owners start to look to the oncoming holiday shopping… (10/24/2016)

Dual-purpose cash and check scanners help independent retailers prepare for the holidays

Cash is a popular payment method for customers shopping at independent businesses,… (10/14/2016)

Consumer confidence in September highest since recession

A steady trail of news and surveys has showed a warming economic… (10/07/2016)


Casino revenues rise, cash counters become more important

Casinos are in the business of making money, and… (11/30/2016)

Money and ticket counters increase efficiency in tourist-heavy casinos

Money and ticket counters provide a seamless… (11/10/2016)

ATMs are part of an effective customer engagement strategy

Credit unions, like other financial institutions, are going through… (10/24/2016)

Money and ticket counters give casinos opportunities to streamline and improve

Money and ticket counters create advantages that… (10/14/2016)

Counterfeit money haunts West Coast businesses

When business picks up, owners and employees have a… (10/07/2016)