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Branch Automation and Efficiency — With a Human Touch

Despite the growing popularity of digital banking services, branch visits are still a vital part of the customer experience. This means that for many bank customers, the personal touch is as important as ever. In a November 2013 Accenture study, “A Critical Balancing Act: U.S. Retail Banking in the Digital Era,” nearly 78 percent of respondents reported that they expect to visit their bank branch just as often — or even more frequently — in five years’ time.

July 14, 2016

The Case for Kiosks

"We anticipate an increase in kiosks in the grocery industry" Grocers like our four procurement options: placement, lease, rental, or ownership," says Jim Weaks, VP self-service coin business at Cummins Allison

February 16, 2016

Grocery stores have two distinct advantages over other self-service coin redemption sites—longer hours and more frequent shopper visits

"In terms of evaluating options for increasing revenue, industry observers say that by leveraging front-of-store space grocers can dramatically increase their bottom line. “In this competitive market, for grocery stores to stay front-and-center in the minds of shoppers it is imperative to differentiate their customer experience,” says Bob Gibson, vice president operations for Cummins Allison. “For example, offering the convenience of self-service coin redemption enables grocers to generate additional revenue within a small footprint, drawing in new customers and increasing the frequency of return visits.”

February 11, 2016

Grocers Can Count On Technology To Address Costs, Inefficiencies And Security Risks

Savvy grocers realize that investing in single devices with the ability to perform multiple functions can result in reduced overhead spending. This includes currency and check processing solutions that count cash and scan checks on the same device. These devices also streamline the deposit process, eliminating back-office inefficiencies and errors and enabling customer service personnel to complete tasks faster – which can also eliminate costly overtime.

February 9, 2016