JetScan iFX Check Processing Certifications and Approvals

Interface to Financial Solution Providers

Easily interfacing with existing banking and payment system software platforms can be a requirement of many Financial Institutions (FIs), retailers and armored carriers. The JetScan iFX check and currency scanner speeds up the process of scanning deposit and remittance processing documents, essentially enabling the existing software to operate more efficiently. It enables the ability to process the entire deposit, enhancing remote deposit capture solutions.

Improve efficiency

JetScan iFX provides very high quality images and industry leading read rates, regardless of the document's orientation when scanned. The JetScan iFX crops, rotates and orients checks automatically, so the need to rescan due to misfaced or misoriented checks is virtually eliminated, saving valuable time and potential cost for any operation. Large check volumes can easily be handled by the JetScan iFX, which processes 400 items per minute, the fastest desktop device in the industry.

JetScan iFX certifications/approvals

The JetScan iFX is certified and/or approved for implementation with the providers listed below. In some cases, adding the JetScan iFX to the client's network is as easy as disconnecting the existing scanner and plugging in the JetScan iFX. The following is a list of certified/approved providers:

  • FIS Direct Teller 16
  • FIS Direct Branch 16
  • FIS ImageCentre Branch Capture Xpress 2016
  • Fiserv SCO 5.8
  • WAUSAU Deposit 24/7
  • VSoft Branch Capture
  • C & A Associates
  • FTNI (Financial Transmission Network, Inc.)
  • Creditron Niagra
  • Jaguar Software
  • Software Earnings
  • AQ2 Technologies
  • Bluepoint Solutions ImagePoint

Cummins Allison is working with many other solution providers and is in various stages of certification. We may be able to solve your needs quickly, so contact us with the name of your software provider and see if we can help you.

Consider all options

As another consideration, many retailers, government agencies, utility companies and other check intensive industries are using image cash letters, or ICLs, to expedite deposit processing. For more information about this complementary solution to remote deposit capture (RDC), click here.

Organizations that want to achieve deposit information or check images can add the Image Management Software (IMS) option to the JetScan iFX solution.