Budget an advanced money counter to do more with your staff
Schools cannot afford to be inefficient. Budgets are tight and getting tighter, and now is the time you're carefully deciding how to spend your funds and planning how to do more with the staff you have. Manually counting and sorting money can be a time- consuming and error-prone task. You need to automate cash counting associated with high-volume school sales activity to save time, prevent errors and utilize your staff more.

Schools across the country just like yours do more with their staff by counting cash and checks quickly and accurately with Cummins Allison devices.

Fast, accurate and highly reliable cash and check counting machines

JetScan iFX currency and check scanning
The JetScan iFX® is the latest technology and the fastest, most accurate cash counting and check scanning machine available. JetScan iFX processes 1,600 bills per minute with virtually no jams. Simplify deposit preparation and get money in the bank faster.
JetScan iFX i100 currency scanner

JetSort coin sorter
Quickly and easily count loose change. Count totals fast to prepare your deposits.
JetSort 1000 coin counter and sorter

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